Blackpink (2016). Stay. Square Two.

Bolbbagan4 (2017). To My Youth. Red Diary Page.1.

Dreamcatcher (2017). Trust Me. Prequel.

Emma and Stuart Townend (2018). I am here for you. Courage.

Exo (2019). Obsession. Obsession.

GFriend (2018). Time for the moon night. Time for the moon night.

IU (2015). Knees. Chat-Shire.

IU (2019). Love Poem. Love Poem.

Kard (2017). Trust Me (BM & Somin version). You & Me.

Laura Story (2011). Blessings. Blessings.

Marc Straight feat LilyPichu (2018). Ephemeral. iamheaven.

Matt Searles (2013). Be at rest (Psalm 116). From the river to the ends of the earth.

Matt Searles (2013). Like deer in thirsty lands (Psalms 42&43). From the river to the ends of the earth.

Oh My Girl (2018). Secret Garden. Secret Garden.

Said The Sky feat Néonhèart (2018). Erase Me. Wide-Eyed.

Simon & Garfunkel (1965). The Sound of Silence. Sounds of Silence.

Steven and Clem Faux (2018). Lift (Psalm 91). You Are: Psalms Project Volume IV (90-105).

Stray Kids (2019). Side Effects. Clé 2: Yellow Wood.

Sulli (2019). Goblin. Goblin.

Sunmi (2018). Heroine. Warning.

Trevor Hodge (2010). No Other Name. Songs for Little Rooms 2.

Twenty One Pilots (2011). Car Radio. Vessel.

Twice (2019). Feel Special. Feel Special.

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